Women's Self Defense Class - The Dojo

Women’s Self Defense Class


The dojo held its first women’s self defense class on Saturday Jan 21st. It was an hour and half long and we had 9 women who participated. The class was well received and there was a Q&A session at the end where several questions were asked about different types of self defense scenarios.

The class was an hour and half long and covered the following:

The class started with a brisk warm up followed by a session of learning how to use your elbows and knees effectively.
The class worked bags to improve the focus and accuracy of their strikes.
Several techniques were taught on how to escape holds and grabs using classical jujitsu.
The women were shown how technique can overcome strength and that the primary goal is to escape and flee.
They were also allowed to go full speed with some of the takedowns using Zach, a brown belt in Shoshin Ryu. They took advantage of having someone who could take falls at full speed to practice with and see how the techniques feel when applied with speed and power.

Overall, a great success, the ladies walked out with a new understanding of what one can do if faced with an assault. The dojo will be offering more if these free classes from time to time as well as some more in-depth classes that span 4 sessions for more drilling and engraining of the information.